See code for relevant projects on Github and view some smaller projects on my old portfolio. There’s a mixture of college coursework, my internship project, and personal ideas.

Machine Learning Targeting Tool (Dell)

Model Accuracy Results

Microsoft Azure hosted ML tool that receives a customer-list database, runs it through a model, and outputs the likelihood that a customer will buy a certain product. The model’s predictions were ~90% accurate and identified an estimated $130 Million in untapped potential customers for the designated product. All details from this project cannot be shared.

Marketing Plan (Data Analysis & Visualization)

Marketing plan for local pizzeria. I focused on data analysis, and built an interactive map (cannot be viewed online) that shows the results of survey data by geography, and relates that to the location of the restaurant.

Video Link

Presentation w/ Map

Paper w/ Data Analysis

Research Manager

Research Manager Screenshot

Research Participant manager built with Vue.js, Bootstrap and Firestore. Hosted with Firebase. Feel free to add a participant.

Javascript Platformer

Platformer Screenshot

Simple platforming game made with Javascript. Use arrowkeys to move and collect all the coins.

Payment Applet

Functioning payment page using Stripe and hosted on Heroku. Payments will not go through, so feel free to try it.

Value Proposition Creator

Value proposition creator made with Vue. Uses these SVGs I made for it.

Political Survey

Long-term WIP quiz that will determine your fundamental political values, as well as an idealogical category.


Fictional start-up website with a randomized clickable button.

Javascript Quiz

Quiz applet made in Javascript. Can be adapted to other question banks for classifying quiz takers in catagories.

Array Functions

Simple applet that finds unions, intersections and differences between two input sets.